R. Ferré Ferrando was born in Barcelona and since a very young age began to make figures and shapes of clay and terracotta. These first pieces of her youth stand out for their originality and modernity.

A creative spirit led her to explore other materials, shapes and contents, such as the making of artistic and tapestries and complicated macramé works. In the year 1976, she donated a tapestry to the foundation of the Newspaper AVUI, and participated in the collective exhibit with Catalan artists of the time (among others, Miró).

She explored other artistic fields such as painting, combining clay and acrylic paint, creating a series of paintings with relief of great originality. Her creations with pastels are also outstanding.
However, the most important development was in the figures of clay and bronze, where she has achieved greater success. As a result of this recognition, she has exhibited in different galleries of different parts of the world.

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· Ferré Ferrando is a self-taught sculptress. Her beginnings are from around 1970 where she made human figures that made fun of reality with expressive shapes, evolving rapidly toward symbolic surrealism.
Her sculptures do not depart from reality and the figures, almost abstract, acquire the protagonism in her work. The essence of her evolution, with a great sense of volumetrics has led her to a synthesis of rhythms and shapes in her symbolic creation.
Her works worship volume. With her imagination and her dreams, the pieces become smooth with a predominance of shapes.
From her sculpting comes an elegant work with its own entity.
She works and sculpts meticulously, with finishes of a delicious beauty and good technical dominance.
In conclusion, sculptures to be admired and touched.

Fco. Martinez Chabrera (gallery owner and art collector)

· In the sculptures of Ferré Ferrando, shape ends up imposing its law: the details are smoothed without losing their identity and rhythms emerge from the curves that are in charge of describing the time that they essentialize.
The feminine figure –considered at times in volumes of marked informalism, and the couple, man and woman, intertwined, united, contact established, is presented as a symbol of life.
A hymn to the human being, to existence, to the future embodied by the maternities that Ferré Ferrando offers us, expressed through embraceable sculptures pervaded with sentiment and humanity.

M. Losada.


· The volumes of Ferré Ferrando are full of objective echoes that serve the sculptress as a launching pad to depart on her exploration of the mystery of volume. Emphatic shapes, the material led towards the memory of what is real, being folded, growing and being styled in its upper limit.
A path towards the description that Ferré Ferrando stops at the right time to achieve the maximum result of the apparently formless, in an accented evaluation of volume but without forgetting the interpretive expressivity.

C. Canada

· Ferré Ferrando, born in 1951, began to develop an artistic method that led her to explore interesting worlds such as macramé, tapestries, painting, finally standing out in giving expression in volumes to the vision of a surrealist world in figures of terracotta and in fine metals such as bronze. Successful forging that cross the borders of our global world, attaining great success in Japan and Europe. The study of original patinas combining different elements opens a new world of experimentation and great originality.

Ferré Fernando is an important artist to be discovered in our country.

Llatzer Montuliu (art critic and collector)

Latest Awards

.:· VIII Premi Nacional de Pintura i Escultura Joan Bosch Boldú (España) 2013
"Mencion de Honor"

.:· VII Premi Nacional de Pintura i Escultura Joan Bosch Boldú (España) 2012
"Segundo Premio"

.:· Galería Artis de Valencia (España) 2011
"Tercer Premio y Diploma de Honorístico de su obra"

.:· ShowArt Internacional d'Estiu a Catalunya (España) 2010
"diploma en reconocimiento al mérito artístico

.:· Salon Int. Du Val d'OR - Meillant (France)
"1st prize for abstract painting"

.:· Kobe 2006 International Art Exchange Exhibition KOBE (Japón) "Excellent Art Prize"

. Kobe 2005 International Art Exchange Exhibition KOBE (JJapón) "Excellent Art Prize"

. Museo Social Argentino - Buenos Aires (Argentina) "Mención Especial Crezca"

. Centro Cultural "Ernesto Sábato" - Buenos Aires (Argentina) "Mención Especial Artexpresion"

.:· Arts & Artists -Miami Beach (EEUU) "Mencion Especial Escultura Art & Artists"

.:· Medalla Honorífica de la Associazione Galleria Centro Storico - Firenze

.:· Diploma Excelencia de escultura Saló d'Hivern - Barcelona

.:· Seiko art exibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) - Tokio (Japón) "Bronze Prize"

.:· Web Art Museum d'ART EXHIBITION "Silver Prize"